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Volvo Ecm / Ecu engine questions and answers.

Use this ECU order form to provide us with the year and model of your Volvo. Once the form has been submitted we will respond by phone or email to discuss pricing and availability. We offer a large selection of Volvo engine computers: ecu, ecm, and tcm (transmission computers) for all models. Most of our automotive computers come fully calibrated and programmed with the latest Volvo software to match your VIN number and transponder, security key. When you receive your new unit from us it will be plug and play. No special tools or scanners will be required. We do all of the programming work on site to make this as easy as possible for you to install the ecm. You will not have to go to a Volvo dealer. If you can remove the ecm from your vehicle then you can do this yourself.

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Commonly asked questions and answers.

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