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Volvo ECM ECU Repair And Replacement

Is your Volvo not starting? If so then the ECM (Engine Control Unit) could be the problem. Here at ECU Warehouse we can assist you in getting your car or truck back on the road. We offer remanufactured and repaired Volvo control units xc90 for all models and years including Volvo S60 S80 and XC90 ECM ECU repair, 2004, 2005 XC90. All of our Volvo engine computers come fully programmed and ready for immediate installation. We can flash program the new control unit and update the current software to work with your ignition key. As you probably already know your local Volvo dealer is very expensive on ecm / ECU REPAIR replacement. By utilizing our services you will bypass the Volvo dealership completely and save at least 50% on the labor and installation of your automotive engine computer.

Volvo XC90 part number 0261207712 is a common part to fail. Causing multiple misfire, no start and no communication issues with the ECU ECM.


This unit is one of the many Volvo ecm computers we stock part number 0261207712. It will fit a 2004 S60 and 2004 XC90. Our price is $475.00 plus $90.00 programming. Volvo dealer cost with installation is at least $1500.00. So the savings we offer is huge. Call us to place an order or to get more information at 248-328-2600.

Here are some of the years and models we support 1999 S80 V70 part number 0261204559, 2000 V70 with turbo, 2001 S60 electronic control unit, 2002 s802002 S80 Turbo, 2003 Volvo XC90 computer ecm and 2004 and 2005 XC90 part number BOSCH 0261207227. There are many other OEM numbers available.


ECM ECM Programming For A Volvo Control Unit ECUWAREHOUSE.COM 1-248-897-3268



In order to program a new BOSCH, Volvo control unit we will have to read the Flash program files of your original ecm. So if you do not have the original then0261204559 unfortunately, we will not be able to help you. This repair or replacement service only works if your failed Volvo ecm is still available. We have to read the content of your defective unit. There is absolutely no other way. Providing us with your VIN number and mileage will not be sufficient. There is data stored in your Volvo ecu ecm that is unique to only one VIN number and ignition key. And we need this information to make sure the replacement unit will be accepted by your Volvo. The will guarantee an easy installation for your repair shop.

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Choose your Volvo from the menu at the top of this page to get started. Or if you would like to speak with us about how our replacement service works please call us Monday - Friday 9AM to 5PM Eastern standard time. Our phone number is 1-248-897-3268 , 1-248-328-2600. Or if you prefer to send us an email: sales@volvoecm.com Thank you for your interest in our company and we'll look forward to assisting you in getting your Volvo ecm repaired.